As the end of 2019 comes closer it is a good tradition to look back at the year behind us. For me, one of the highlights was the fact that China landed a probe on the back of the moon (colloquially, though erroneously, called the dark side of the moon). The most interesting part of their expedition was not just the fact that they landed the probe. For me as a satellite aficionado, it was the launch of a satellite, in an orbit 455000 km from earth, that acts as a relay between earth and the probe. The satellite makes communication between Earth and the probe possible, even though we can never see the probe from here.

Paving the way to make communications possible is what a good ISP keeps doing at all times. So as the year draws to an end, we also finish our network upgrade that caters for 40G and 100G connections between our two core and three border routers. Even though we don’t usually boast about our network, the traffic growth in 2019 made this a necessity. Thanks to customers who trust their business availability to our network infrastructure!

Speaking about our network, it will not be a surprise to many readers that Juniper equipment plays a pivotal role in it. A personal highlight of 2019 was the publication of the Day One book on implementing RPKI that Melchior and I wrote. It seems a well-kept secret though that at Fusix we don’t just use Juniper equipment, we also sell and support it. Since we are a very agile company we can live on smaller margins than many of our competitors – and of course the Fusix standard means you will have a working implementation in the end and won’t be left with just the boxes. We’ve finished many great Juniper deployment projects in 2019 and we’re looking forward to even more to come in 2020!

The final big moment of 2019 I think is the depletion of the IPv4 address space that the RIPE NCC administers for their members. From an environment where IP addresses were easy to come by as long as you had a good story – heck, where I started my career we used almost a /16 of static IP addresses to assign to dialup users – we end 2019 with a waiting list where LIRs may, or may not, receive one single /24. The life of IPv4 is far from over though and it will be interesting to see what direction the Internet will now be taking.

Thanks to all readers for being around in 2019 and help make the year the success that it has been. See you next year!