In today’s world it is vital to adapt quickly to changes. You need to be able to act fast on information to become leading. In order to guarantee your application’s performance, you need to be able to make changes on your own network very quickly.
With Fusix’ customer portal you can perform actions on your network remotely to check and make changes if necessary. You can easily enter your servers and network equipment from your office through the portal that Fusix has developed.

Keeping an eye on the status
The portal gives you an overview of all physical and virtual equipment in your network. You can check traffic details, power usage and statistics of your virtual machines. All of these features are, of course, available for equipment hosted in your network: having your own network is the only way that you can guarantee that your application performs well!

Making changes
The customer portal also allows to make changes to your infrastructure. For instance, you can create new virtual machines in your own network on the fly in case you need more computing power quickly. In addition you can change DNS records for your IP address ranges. And of course, use the remote power bars to power cycle your physical servers. Again, all of these features are available for equipment hosted in your network – running your application – with the experts at Fusix available to help behind the scenes.

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