BGP Communities

BGP Communities
BGP Communities

BGP Communities

This document describes the BGP communities which are used by Fusix Networks (AS57866). These communities can be used for their pure informational value and/or to modify the behavior of the routing service provided by AS57866.


Value Description
57866:1000 Prepend 1x to any Transit partner
57866:2000 Prepend 2x to any Transit partner
57866:3000 Prepend 3x to any Transit partner
57866:1100 Prepend 1x to any Peering partner
57866:2100 Prepend 2x to any Peering partner
57866:3100 Prepend 3x to any Peering partner
65001:XXXX Prepend 1x to ASXXXX (Not for public peering)
65002:XXXX Prepend 2x to ASXXXX (Not for public peering)
65003:XXXX Prepend 3x to ASXXXX (Not for public peering)

Do not announce

Value Description
57866:1111 Do not announce to any Transit partner
65000:XXXX Do not announce to ASXXXX (Transit)


Value Description
57866:666 Blackhole (discard) traffic
65535:666 Blackhole (discard) traffic (RFC7999)
65535:0 BGP Graceful shutdown, lower Local preference to 0 (RFC6198)

Informational BGP communities

Value Description
57866:10 RPKI invalid
57866:11 RPKI unverified
57866:12 RPKI valid
57866:100 Any Transit
57866:101 Telia
57866:102 TATA
57866:105 TIS
57866:200 Any Public peer
57866:201 AMS-IX
57866:203 Asteroid IX
57866:300 Any Private peer
57866:301 Worldstream (private peer)
57866:302 LGI (private peer)
57866:9999 Fusix customer route
57866:57866 Fusix originated route