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BGP Communities

This document describes the BGP communities which are used by Fusix Networks (AS57866). These communities can be used for their pure informational value and/or to modify the behavior of the routing service provided by AS57866.


Value Description
57866:1000 Prepend 1x to any Transit partner
57866:2000 Prepend 2x to any Transit partner
57866:3000 Prepend 3x to any Transit partner
57866:1100 Prepend 1x to any Peering partner
57866:2100 Prepend 2x to any Peering partner
57866:3100 Prepend 3x to any Peering partner
65001:XXXX Prepend 1x to ASXXXX (Not for public peering)
65002:XXXX Prepend 2x to ASXXXX (Not for public peering)
65003:XXXX Prepend 3x to ASXXXX (Not for public peering)

Do not announce

Value Description
57866:1111 Do not announce to any Transit partner
65000:XXXX Do not announce to ASXXXX (Transit)


Value Description
57866:666 Blackhole (discard) traffic – WILL BE DISCONTINUED ON 1 AUGUST 2019, PLEASE USE 65535:666 INSTEAD
65535:666 Blackhole (discard) traffic (RFC7999)
65535:0 BGP Graceful shutdown, lower Local preference to 0 (RFC6198)

Informational BGP communities

Value Description
57866:10 RPKI invalid
57866:11 RPKI unverified
57866:12 RPKI valid
57866:100 Any Transit
57866:101 Telia
57866:102 TATA
57866:105 TIS
57866:200 Any Public peer
57866:300 Any Private peer
57866:301 Worldstream (private peer)
57866:302 LGI (private peer)
57866:9999 Fusix customer route
57866:57866 Fusix originated route