At the end of last year we told you about what 2017 would have in store for us. We would not just migrate our servers to the Amsterdam Data Tower, we are also migrating ourselves to a new office. And we told you about the new customer portal.

To many people in our small country, March is the month of the Dutch elections. For us here at Fusix it is the month of the new Fusix Teamworks customer portal. We have been changing the backend, running behind the scenes, in the past few months, but that is not all that we are updating.

This update is about two major aspects. The most visible one will be the new way of showing the statistics of your network. This version will not only show you how much traffic is going over your Fusix uplinks, but also what kind of traffic, specified for each server in real time. This information will show on a big screen near you, because we have been working on an app and a ‘black box’ that streams the data to any screen in your office. So now you can always see and show the condition of your network and check them, even while you are having coffee in the breakroom.

But it is not just the visual part that we have changed. The big difference lies in the way we are changing how we use open source software. We are flipping the entire method of running and documenting installations and updates.

Instead of manually creating an environment, installing the open source software, all the components it needs to run and then document how everything is related and running, we are going to use containers with micro services. These micro services are scripts, to run open source tools and software. What this change means is that we first write the script and that we create the environment. This way all the processes are documented in the same way, and there is no loss of knowledge.

For us it means networks run much more uniform (which helps us maintain the networks better, because we can better reproduce the steps we made) and we can automate a lot more of the updating work when new features are implemented in our portal. For our clients it means that they can use the updates even faster. It is what they call a win-win for everybody.

So you can understand that we are pretty excited to roll out the new Fusix Teamworks. Not just because it brings us yet another step further in the service we can provide, it also is a major step to bringing other new functionality to you that will clearly show why Fusix cares about your network!