For your customers it is great to work in the cloud. What is even better is if you can provide the connections of the cloud directly to them. Not only will they have a perfect connection to their cloud services, you will be in total control of the connections. At Fusix we connect your customer’s office directly to your cloud.

Fusix provides a direct line from your customer’s office to your server, without the use of a regular Internet connection. Your service or application will stay up from your customer’s perspective, even if “the Internet” is down. It will keep on running, because of the direct line to your independent network. Also you have the guarantee use of the bandwith on the connection.

Be your own Internet provider
With the direct connection that Fusix offers, you can access your data and your applications will keep on running, without being dependable of an ISP. It makes using your own IP network even more reliable, because you are in full control of the connection. It makes you the Internet provider for your customers.

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