The best large capacity networks are useless, if you cannot access them from your work space in the office, right? This is why Fusix also builds high capacity, high speed networks for offices. In partnership with fiber operators, such as A-FIBER we create enterprise grade connections of up to 10 Gbps and connect offices to all major cloud providers: Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others. If your company uses Cloud services, the applications will run fast, reliable and secure, because Fusix will connect your office straight to the infrastructure of your Cloud provider on a physical port dedicated to only your company’s data traffic.

So if you are planning on building a new network or a major overhaul of the existing network in your office, be sure to contact us. We will interview your technical team about your requirements and make sure to fulfil all special needs, be it use of Voice over IP applications, desktops, VPN with remote offices, Cloud or anything else.