Fusix Networks has added a new data center to our service delivery network: Dataplace Brabant in Waalwijk. This data center has been on our “want list” for quite some time owing to its impeccable uptime record, the courteous and knowledgeable staff, and the wonderful companies hosting their equipment there. We are pleased to inform you that not only did we install “some” connectivity into Dataplace Brabant – we went the whole way with fully redundant optical transport 2 x 10G. This means that we can provide all customers of Dataplace Waalwijk with all of the same products that we provide in our other 26 on-net data centers. This includes Direct Internet Access, IP transit with BGP, automatic prefix filtering and fully implemented BGP community support, Network Management, anti-DDOS measures, as well as layer 2 Carrier connectivity supporting Q-in-Q and jumbo frames.

In case you’d like to know more about the data center itself or the services we can provide there, please contact us at office@fusix.nl.