Fusix Networks contributes to a more secure Internet by deploying RPKI based BGP Origin Validation!

As has been demonstrated countless times – if network operators don’t vigilantly take care of their routing, BGP’s permissive nature can lead to disruptions of business.

To mitigate the risks inherent to the global Internet routing ecosystem, Fusix Networks has taken bold steps forward and is one of the world’s first commercial service providers to deploy RPKI based Origin Validation throughout its backbone.

The RPKI is a publication mechanism which provides certified lists of IP prefixes and their valid BGP Origin ASNs. These lists can be used to validate BGP announcements and make more informed decisions when to accept a route announcement or not. In Fusix Networks’ backbone “RPKI Invalid” announcements are now rejected.

So what does this mean for businesses? By leveraging RPKI, Fusix Networks provides an additional layer of protection to its customers which guards against malicious activities and accidental misconfigurations. RPKI brings us peace of mind!