The infrastructure of the digital world consists of hardware in racks, connected with each other via actual cables. And the bigger your company and therefor you infrastructure grows, the more devices you have to connect. That means more and more cables. The problem with that is, they tangle up easy.

Because all those cables run over and under each other and sometimes it looks like they are going nowhere but somewhere deep within the rack. It has become like a ball of yarn, or a set of earbuds that has been in an inside pocket of a coat for too long. You have to be very careful to untangle those.

If the cabling in the rack is pretty much like that, you can imagine what kind of work that brings, if you want to replace one of the devices in the rack. Not only can it take very long to find the right cable to unplug, but since it is not always clear to which other device it is connected, it can do a lot of harm and cause unnecessary downtime.

A simple switch of a PDU, which normally would be done under a minute, will now take up much more time, which otherwise can be used much more efficient. But not only that, in order to unplug device A, you have to unplug device B or even C also, to get to the right cables. That means that other systems and devices are effected as well.

To make it easier for maintenance, make sure the cables are labelled. On both ends. Just a simple description will make life for the engineer so much easier. You can also use different colours of cables, for instance red for devices and green for switches. And wrap them together, so that they will not go ‘wander’ over time.
Less time spend unplugged is better for everyone. So keep you racks tidy and the cables tied up. You don’t want engineers to trip over them, do you?