Get prepared and get IPv6 adresses

When you wish to have your own network, you’ll also need an IP address range. This may be as clear as a whistle for many, but it can do no harm to be reminded of this fact. We are practically out of IPv4 addresses and so it is time to prepare ourselves for the future.

Funny fact: IPv4 is actually a test version

Like many Internet protocols, IPv4 was initially made as a test version, but soon became a standard and is hence used extensively. It is even used to such a degree that we have practically run out of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 is new and practically limitless, but is not used very extensively yet.

IPv6 is the future

Both IPv4 & v6 addresses are able to run simultaneously on the same network, but are not able to communicate with each other. In order to be ready for the future, when it will not be possible to receive new IPv4 addresses for growing your business further, it is best to have both. Therefore many web services are already available in both IPv4 and v6. It is key not to wait too long if you want ensure that your website is accessible by everybody.
For new services, start using IPv6 alongside v4 immediately. In case you wish to expand your existing network – there are still a few ways to obtain IPv4 address space. If you are curious how, contact us.