We are adding the Interxion data center campus in Schiphol-Rijk to the Fusix service footprint. From April 1, the companies that trust hosting of their IT infrastructure to the Interxion data centers AMS-3, AMS-5, AMS-7, AMS-8 and AMS-10 will be able to connect directly to the Fusix service delivery backbone and leverage a measurable improvement of reachability and security of their Internet connections.

To introduce ourselves to the customers of Interxion, we run the campaign ‘Add a second ISP’. The offer consists of a small fixed-price networking project followed by 2 months free of charge Fusix Internet services. The goal of the project is to get your IP network ready to connect to multiple Internet Service Providers and have it run its own policies for choosing the best routes from what the ISPs have to offer. The 2 months trial of Fusix Internet services is contract free. We are sure that you will love to work with us because our speciality is serving companies that operate in the IT sector and going beyond the line where other ISPs stop.