Our network

Fusix IP network is designed to provide 100% Internet and Virtual Leased Lines availability.

Internet service is delivered from the Autonomous Systems Number (AS) 57866 on a footprint of data centers in The Netherlands. The core infrastructure is layered: our clients connect to the core routers located in Nikhef and in EuNetworks data centers, while our upstreams and peering partners connect to our 3 boarder routers. This layering ensures that our upstream and downstream capacities are separated and have no common points of failure. Further, each layer is redundant in itself, and in each on-net data center all clients connect to both core routers at no additional cost. Strategic upstreams and dedicated wired access to cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are deployed on at least 2 of the  3 boarder routers. Our network design results in our ability to provide a non-overbooked, high performance Internet access, IP transit and private, point-to-point connections to service infrastructures that our clients host in a cloud network or in a twin data center.

Our routing policy is to provide the fastest routes that we have (not the cheapest). Also, we go for stability and have a selective peering policy, meaning that for the route stability reasons, we choose to exchange traffic over a dedicated wire that we  pay for, instead of a link to an Internet exchange. Exchanges provide the opportunity to receive traffic from hundreds of other parties over a common connection, which means that it is not possible to guarantee quality of service for traffic exchange with any particular peering network. In our case, the quality and non-overbooked traffic exchange are guaranteed by deploying a dedicated capacity and monitoring that the on-going traffic doesn’t go over 1/3 of this capacity. If it does, we upgrade, for example, in 2021 the throughput between Microsoft and Fusix was upgraded to 100 Gbit.

ASN 57866 Fusix network 2021

On-net data centers in The Netherlands:

  • InterXion AMS8 – Schiphol-Rijk, Amsterdam area

  • InterXion AMS3 – Schiphol-Rijk, Amsterdam area

  • InterXion AMS7 – Schiphol-Rijk, Amsterdam area

  • InterXion AMS5 – Schiphol-Rijk, Amsterdam area

  • InterXion AMS10 – Schiphol-Rijk, Amsterdam area

  • InterXion AMS9 – Science Park, Amsterdam

  • Digital Realty AMS 1 – Amsterdam

  • Digital Realty AMS2 – Amsterdam

  • NIKHEF – Amsterdam

  • euNetworks – Amsterdam

  • NorthC Amsterdam – Amsterdam

  • NorthC Delft – Delft

  • Dataplace Amsterdam – Hoofddorp

  • Dataplace Rotterdam – Rotterdam

  • Dataplace Utrecht – Utrecht

  • Dataplace Brabant – Waalwijk

  • Dataplace Nedzone – Steenbergen

  • Equinix AM1 & AM2 – Amsterdam

  • Equinix AM3 & AM4 – Amsterdam

  • Equinix AM5 – Amsterdam

  • Equinix AM6 – Amsterdam

  • Equinix AM7 – Amsterdam

  • Equinix AM11 – Amsterdam

  • Iron Mountain – Haarlem

IPv4 and IPv6

The Fusix backbone supports IPv6 and IPv4 natively and offers Internet services to both IPv4 and IPv6 networks using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) or default routes.

Network Operation Center

Our network is managed by the Fusix Network Operation Center in The Netherlands, using a management platform that is deployed redundantly: one inside our own backbone and one independent from us. Most of the network configuration tasks – such as IP address prefix management – are automated, which allows the NOC staff to deliver and maintain customer-connections fast and without human errors.

Network supervision and monitoring are handled by consolidated open source diagnostic tools that produce fault reporting alarms and monitor physical connectivity and routing behavior for each customer connection.