Fusix’ portfolio of high grade managed IP transit and Internet services is now available on AFIBER network in data center and office locations.

Fusix Networks delivers a managed IP transit service to grow your business. Using the fastest and most relevant routes, it connects its customers straight to the core of the global Internet. The network of Fusix consists of Internet Exchanges and Tier 1 upstreams, combined with strategic private peering across dedicated interconnects.

AFIBER delivers optical network services to data centers and office locations with high reliability and flexibility, creating the strongest foundation for data transport and meeting the highest bandwidth requirements.

Thomas Visscher, AFIBER: “AFIBER’s optical network combined with Fusix’ oustanding IP networking expertise represents a powerful opportunity for businesses to fulfill their most demanding needs in terms of network performance, flexibility and security. We are excited to partner up with Fusix Networks and jointly pursue our ambition to bring enterprise-grade IP networking services to businesses of all sizes.

Niels Raijer, Fusix Networks: “Our team is 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality and standards. But in order to succeed sometimes unorthodox approaches are needed and ‘our’ way may not always be the easiest. That’s exactly why our partners and customers love what we do.

More information https://www.afiber.net