We joined only a few Internet Exchanges and have a selective peering policy.

The great thing about any IX is that all its member networks announce only their own routes. If you send traffic to another member of an IX, you can be sure that the number of networks between your router and the destination is zero.

To make this advantage work well, we do not join any IX remotely. Routers can’t take into account physical distance to a remote IX, so if 2 networks connect to an IX remotely, the physical distance causes higher latency, while the routers of both networks think they choose the shortest route.

We have selective peering because we want exchange routes only with other seriously run networks. We ask their peering coordinators to give their consent to a peering agreement with Fusix and like to stay in touch with the technical teams of our peering partners – so we know how to approach if a peering session would show packet loss or unexpected routes. Try out our stability for yourself!