With a lot of people going on vacation, and therefore fewer people around to act on network problems and security threats, this time of year is one for the favourite times for those who like to attack your system. Maybe not as much as during the Christmas break, but still. So, besides checking if you have your passport and toothbrush packed, have you checked your network security?

You have probably heard this before, and it is still the best way to prevent problems. Before you close up shop for the holiday, just run a checklist on your security. Make sure you have the latest security updates for your operating systems installed. For instance, right before the holiday period started, Juniper announced they found a number of breaches in their JUNOS operating system. Patches were released to make sure the breaches were closed. This was caught early, so everybody could act on it quickly, but it could be harmful if you don’t act on such a warning and just wait until after you are back. Who is going to check your system when you are gone?

Not only should you check your own security, you should also check if your contact information in your supplier’s database is still accurate. Call their NOC number, to check for real. Make sure your credentials are still accurate and known to your upstreams. If you are away and something does happen, the stress of that alone is enough to rile you up. You don’t want to have to search for the right credentials or contact information to add to that stress.

Much like people make a checklist at home to see if they have packed everything, at work make a list to check your security. You don’t want to spend your holiday thinking about ‘What if?’ or ‘Did I really check that?’ all the time, right?