Hosting equipment and making connections in a datacentre requires a hands-on approach; even in the current “cloud” world of virtual servers and virtual networks, being at the datacentre to connect routers and equipment with cables, checking theses connections on the spot and making sure the cables are in working order, needs to be part of the Fusix service to its customers.

Hardware in the datacentres is built to last and to be in operation all the time. To make sure it stays that way, hardware needs to be installed properly and cabling needs to be organized. Fusix has a dedicated ‘hands-on guy’ who goes to the datacentres to install, connect and check everything.

He knows that fibre cables need to be handled carefully and that they need to be placed where they cannot be hurt. He also knows that cables need to be labelled on both sides, and to use Velcro instead of tie-wraps, because the tie-wraps can cause a rip in the cables that can lead to loss of data.

For a quick server reboot you can always depend on the data centre’s staff, but our hands-on service guarantees that someone is always available to preform installation tasks in any Dutch datacentre. Whether it is during the day or during the night, no matter what time-zone you are in. If you have your servers with Fusix, you can count on the hands-on service you expect.

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