Intelligent hands-on in a data center

Working in a data center is different from working in an office – the noise, cold & hot corridors, tight space and – funny as it sounds – usually bad wifi connectivity makes it something you have to prepare for. We can be your intelligent hands and eyes in any data center in The Netherlands, when you are not able to be there or want avoid an unnecessary cost of travel.

The service is delivered by highly qualified network engineers experienced in field operations and equipped with all rack mounting tools and cables that may be required in a data center environment (yes, this includes fiber cleaners, fiber cables and optical power meters).

In addition, we can receive and send out (international) shipments on your behalf so that your equipment doesn’t get “lost” in the data center, prepare and document installation layouts, run on delivery tests for devices of any vendor, configure for remote access by your networking team, and install any rack equipment.

Availability of our staff in any data center in The Netherlands within 24 hours is free of charge. You will pay only a fixed one-time travel fee and the actual time that it took us to execute your request.

If you have a business critical network and require a short-notice callout, we can guarantee it for a reasonable monthly fee.

Intelligent hands-on

My task is to build network infrastructures in data centers according to the best industry standards. Every cable will be labelled, every fiber connector cleaned. Ask to see how we work and you will be impressed!

Pavel PatskevichPavel, our continuity network engineer