Any company that offers a streaming service should consider CDN as a viable option. A CDN distinguishes itself in the fact that it is made up of several geographic locations. A user of Netflix in France who wants to watch the latest episode of Narcos will receive the content from a different datacenter than someone who makes use of Netflix’s services in Finland.

The benefits of a CDN

Since CDN makes use of several datacenters, it is inherently redundant. When one of the data centers that makes up the CDN is offline owing to an outage, maintenance or an attack, the others will take over. CDNs are able to send (and receive) large amounts of data and are therefore perfect for streaming services.

The benefits of our CDNs

At Fusix we have experience in providing clients with a Content Delivery Network. This means that we do not only know how to set one up for new clients, but that we can also help companies find the best option to suit their needs among the existing CDNs.

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