If there is anything we can learn from last year, it will be that the threats to our online security will continue in 2016. There have been some big breaches in 2015, and you can expect more of them this year. And they will leave marks behind.

Just look at Juniper Networks last December, when they announced that a backdoor to their ScreenOS has been there for years. This way their firewalls and encrypted connections were compromised, potentially giving anyone with a login access to a lot of data. When Juniper disclosed the problem, they didn’t mention how long that “backdoor” could have been there. This skeleton in their closet is just one of many we will see this year, and not only from Juniper but other companies as well.

It is something the Dutch government wants to prevent. As of January 1, companies but also the (local) government are obligated to report a data breach within three days of the occurrence. If they don’t, they can risk a fine of up to more than 800.000 euros. With the notification requirement, the government wants to force companies to do as much as they can to protect the privacy of its citizens.

But it is not only data breaches we have to worry about. Hijacking computers and networks for a ransom will be the biggest threat of 2016. So far, mostly companies and private users were the victim, but from there it is a small step to hijack a government’s network for financial or political purposes. Who knows what consequences there will be…

A lot of companies, including Fusix, work to keep the internet as secure as possible. And you also have your own responsibility. So for this year, let’s all be vigilant about our online security. And have a great 2016!