Like in any business, the human factor in the IT-business is the factor where most, unintentional, mistakes come from: a typing error is easily made. Not to mention those with bad intentions that deliberately ‘make a mistake’ or attack your servers.

In order to protect you from those mistakes, you should think about automation of your processes. The less you have to fill in, the fewer mistakes you can make. Instead you should only need to check if the settings are right and tick off or choose the desired option from a drop-down menu, right? As we mentioned in the last blog, sufficient input validation helps with the protection of your database by checking for typing errors: an example of automation that prevents you from making those typing errors.

So what could be better than using a web interface to check or change the settings of your network applications, instead of accessing the router and having to put in the right IP-address, where one typing error potentially results in shutting down another application.

At Fusix we automate the configuration and monitoring of your network applications. With a custom-built web interface, you check the status of your network and change settings by choosing from a menu. No more typing in the right IP-address: our application will tell you what the right IP-address is. And because you don’t have to login to the router, your applications and network are safer from hacking.

So think about automation in your network processes and let ‘the computer’ help you be safe!