It has been quite a year, 2016. Luckily for us, it has been a good year for the most part. We had the chance to work on some great projects and the chance to expand Fusix Networks. And we will continue doing so in 2017. Quite literally, as we double the capacity of our network and will move into a new office which is twice the size of the current one.

The new office is something we need – despite the feeling people sometimes have saying that Fusix is just a one-man company, this year we have doubled our staff to six. You’ve read about them already, for instance about Michal, our migration expert. Last month we started migration projects moving our customers’ equipment from the old Telecity 1 into the Amsterdam Data Tower which has been built on top of the old data center. We are not done yet, and in 2017 we will continue to migrate networks with as small a downtime as possible.

Another achievement for us in 2016 was the addition of Tata Communications as a new transit supplier with fast routes primarily to Asia. As with our Telia Carrier product, we can resell Tata IP transit direct to your network (no Fusix router in between) even in very small commitments, which is useful if you want to connect your network directly to a Tier 1 provider.

So 2016 has been good to us. And 2017 will be as well! There are a lot of great projects that will take off this year. For starters we are doubling the capacity of our core network. The preparations have already been made, and we will implement the new equipment really soon.

The biggest project in 2017 and the one we are really proud of, is a complete new version of the customer portal Fusix Teamworks. Unlike the current portal, we’re bringing the new Teamworks to your office – literally. This version will not only show you how much traffic is going over your Fusix uplinks, but also what kind of traffic, specified for each server in real time. And clients do not have to go to the portal web site anymore to view their network’s vitals: we’ve created a ‘black box’ that our customers connect to a regular TV screen in their own office, so they can always see the stats, live.

We had a great year and we expect 2017 to be great as well. We will continue providing all the building blocks necessary to build ISP networks and make sure our customers are connected.

Happy New Year!