At Fusix we monitor the traffic of our client’s networks in order to see if anything unexpected occurs or if someone is attacking one of our client’s servers. A DDoS attack is definitely high up on the list of unwanted occurences. As soon as we see that there are certain signals pointing towards such a threat we jump into action. There are basically three options we pursue, depending on the type and severity of the threat.


Filtering out the attacking traffic is possible in certain occassions. This option is viable for mild threats which can be handled quite easily and without downtime. However, this is a threat which is still to be reckoned and dealt with in order to avoid any overload to the server.

Going offline

This is a more radical, but sometimes necessarily solution: taking the IP address offline on a global level. This way the DDoS attack cannot be sent to your specific website or service anymore and the attack is averted.


For the largest attacks, a scrubbing service can temporarily take all traffic to your network and clean it, returning only the real traffic to you and dropping the attack traffic. This way the DDoS attack can be dealt with efficiently, with the least possible downtime.

Fusix is able to efficiently act due to its thorough monitoring. Together with our partners we make sure that threats and attacks are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.