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Fusix Networks will provide IP transit services from the DCValley NL1 data center.

Amsterdam/Ede, 8 March 2018 – DCValley, a new Dutch player in the data center and colocation industry, and Fusix Networks, have reached an agreement to provide connectivity services from the DCValley NL1 data center in Ede, The Netherlands. When DCValley opens DCValley NL1 in Ede, The Netherlands, Fusix will be ready to provide services such as IP transit and consultancy [...]

8 March, 2018|

Fusix is available on AFIBER network

Fusix' portfolio of high grade managed IP transit and Internet services is now available on AFIBER network in data center and office locations. Fusix Networks delivers a managed IP transit service to grow your business. Using the fastest and most relevant routes, it connects its customers straight to the core of the global Internet. The network of Fusix consists of [...]

22 February, 2018|