Is it the name of the product that makes for the best solution, or is it the product that fits the needs, regardless of the name? To many the former, to me the latter. Not everything has to be Cisco Systems (or Juniper Networks, for that matter). There are alternatives that sometimes fit the needs better. It is not just all in the name.

To illustrate the point, maybe you can relate to the fact that the government requires companies that work for them, to have an ISO certification. To them, “ISO certified” guarantees quality. But does it really? It only says that the company in question knows how to apply the correct procedures, not how good they are in finding solutions. If there is an ISO certification, the government feels they cannot be blamed for hiring this company, because they an ISO certified company knows what it does, right?

The same goes for hardware companies. All of our clients know the names of Cisco and Juniper. If I use another brand of hardware and something goes wrong, I get the blame because I did not use Cisco. The other way round: nobody’s ever gotten fired for buying Cisco, so if something does go wrong, people will just say; “Well, that is Cisco, sometimes there are some bugs.”

The point I want to make today is: I get hired to find the best solution. If that happens to be with hardware from Cisco Systems I will definitely recommend it. If there are other, better solutions, then I will recommend those. Be open to be surprised. I mean, what’s in a name if it does not work well for you needs?