You want to improve the user experience of your public Internet applications, which means that you need to leverage your network: have redundant Internet connections and be in control of your route preferences. We get your network ready to connect to multiple Internet providers and choose relevant routes from these providers have to offer. The project fee is a fixed amount of 2.000 euro, including network design, network equipment advice, configuration of your routers and switches and one day of hardware deployment work in a data center or on your premises.

The project is followed by a 1 month CONTRACT FREE trial of our Internet connectivity and

24/7 Stand-by NOC to help you with management of your new network.


  • Fixed fee consultancy project for building or upgrading your IP network;

  • Internet access with 99.999% uptime and performance guarantee;

  • Automated IP prefix management and Reverse DNS;

  • 24/7 on-line tools for anti-DDoS response and network flows analysis;

  • Optional stand-by professional NOC for monitoring and troubleshooting your network;

  • Ethernet and CWDM/DWDM solutions for dual and multi data center networks;

  • Service delivery in 26 data centers in The Netherlands.


You have the job to re-design your existing IT infrastructure and have the freedom to choose, add and replace its building blocks, such as a data center, a cloud platform and an Internet provider. Next to budget and flexibility, your other goal is to improve security. Therefore you require to be in control of routing of your data between the building blocks of your network and how your data is routed to the public Internet. Our product is to help you achieve these goals by a fixed price project that includes a network design, Q&A, configuration of all your private and public connections, and one day of ‘smart hands and eyes’ deployment in a data center. In the result, you get a private manageable infrastructure that consolidates the services that you receive from data centers and cloud providers and is flexible for adding or removing building blocks in future. You can also call our ’24/7 Stand-by NOC’ for professional assistance with management and troubleshooting of your infrastructure.

The project is followed by a CONTRACT FREE TRIAL of our 24/7 Stand-by assistance with management and troubleshooting of your network infrastructure.


  • You are in control of routing of your data within your network and to the public Internet;

  • Consolidated and manageable infrastructure;

  • We take the responsibility for your infrastructure’s connectivity, management and future improvements;

  • 24/7 Professional assistance with management and troubleshooting of ALL your network;

  • Fixed project price 2.545 EUR

  • Secure and high performance private connectivity (VLAN) between your office and your Cloud provider, such as Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle etc.

Building your own IP network:

  • A leased range of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and an Autonomous System for announcement of these addresses to the Internet;
  • IP network design, routing equipment options, IP address distribution plan, BGP policies;
  • Network deployment plan;
  • Half-day face to face technical session: Q&A and clarifications prior to deployment;
  • Configuration and installation of the core network hardware (routers and switches);
  • Quote for purchase / lease / network functionality guarantee of your routers and switches;
  • Network documentation.


IP network migration:

  • Design of your new network, including hardware suggestions, IP address distribution plan, and fit to purpose configurations;
  • Review of the current network setup, followed by a migration plan that ensures the lowest possible service impact and efficient re-use of the current hardware;
  • Half-day face to face technical session: Q&A and clarifications;
  • Handling of migration activities, including configuration and installation of the core network hardware (routers and switches);
  • Optional quote for purchase / lease / network functionality guarantee of your core network hardware;
  • Up to date network documentation.


Second consultant opinion:
A second opinion about network design or network migration plan, incl. review of the (existing) implementation plan, advice on improvements, discussion of (dis-)advantages, suggestion of  additional roll-back options and ways to minimize service impacts. Optionally, an alternative quote for hardware equipment purchase/lease/functionality guarantee.


Rack layout and installation:
Layout for one or more racks according to your requirements and the best practice of installation and connectivity (patching) of IP devices in a data center environment.


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