There is nothing more frustrating than calling a helpdesk because you have a problem with your system and you have to plough through menus to get to the right person to help you. You just want to speak to someone that can help you right away.

For many companies, including ours, that is a challenge. What that takes, is for the helpdesk to ask the right questions. If you have technical issue, they should be able to understand quickly what your problem is. The answer to your problem may be a bit more complicated, but you need to have the right person on the phone. Since Fusix is a technically-oriented company we believe that the person who answers our office phone, should be the person solving your problem.

If your question is not technical (for instance you would like to discuss products and pricing and find out what is the best for you or your company), the helpdesk should try to get you out of the queue for technical support as soon as possible. Not to get rid of you, but make sure your question gets the attention it needs.

Sometimes it feels with big helpdesks that the person on the other end is just reading from a script, without actually really listening to you. And even though this may give you a strange feeling, those scripts are really helpful for the customer support employee. It is unfair to expect from them that they know everything.

When a customer calls us, things are a bit different. Whoever answers the phone, will help you and answer your question. And although our engineers know everything about our own network and the networks of our customers, sometimes you just wish to discuss a new product or require help on other matters or advise. To make sure you do not have to wait too long on any question, we are in the process of improving our procedures for sorting the calls even better and we will be informing our existing customers about this shortly.

Don’t worry, at Fusix we will not use scripts to see if your question ticks the right box. Even though the support desk is expanding, we will still listen to your questions, both technical and otherwise. The only menu we’ll use is that of our local pizzeria!