Knowing the status of your network is very important. But what do you actually know about your network? Do you know how much traffic there is at any given time, and what kind of traffic it is and where it is going?

Last time we spoke about the new Fusix Teamworks. About its technical advance, and a little about what it will do for you. Well, it almost makes you a network expert yourself. How? Because it shows not only how much traffic is going over your Fusix uplinks, but also what kind of traffic, specified for each server in real time.

We get calls every now and then from customers asking if there is something we can see on the network, since they experienced a ‘hickup’. Usually there is a simple explanation for the experience that the customer had. Fusix Teamworks can show you where it is, and if any connection or server is affected. Its helps you and us to better maintain the network, because you can see what we can see. This allows us to keep putting our resources into developing the network and increasing its capacity.

The really fun part of the new Teamworks is that you can show off how good your network is to your own clients. We will stream the visuals to any screen or television near you. All you need is an Apple TV box and our app we have especially created for this. Install it on the Apple TV and you will always have real time data and statistics of your network in sight.

Now that we have changed the Teamworks backend, the new Teamworks frontend will be finished within the next few weeks followed by beta tests with selected customers. It is not ‘just fun’ to show the conditions of your network and to check them in realtime – increasing the quality of your applications is why you started putting your services into your own network in the first place. Using Fusix Teamworks you can start showing off the quality of your network to the people that matter to you – your customers.