We want 2019 to be the year of routing security and are committed to this goal. The book “Day One: Deploying BGP routing security” that the CTO of Fusix Niels Raijer wrote together with Melchior Aelmans of Juniper Networks provides field-tested device and protocol configurations for RKPI Validation, as well as background information that needs to be considered when deploying it in your own environment. We are a firm believer of RKPI and we want people to implement routing policies that reject invalid routes and help to avoid sending their data to hijacked networks. It is not an ultimate solution to all security problems, but it does help to make the Internet a bit safer. The book is available for download free of charge for Fusix customers from the Fusix Customer Portal at https://teamworks.fusix.nl, and from the Juniper forum for those of us with a MyJuniper account. And yes, it is also available on Amazon!

Our next contribution to the routing security is assistance to all our clients with setting up their Resource Origin Authorization (ROA) certificates. If you have your own IP address prefix, please find a moment and let us help you to publish the right ROA and tell the ISP community how you want them to route IP data to your network.