You probably already have a fully functioning network and loads of data you obviously do not want to lose. Yet you also want to make use of the perks of an independent network and not having to go through a phase in which your servers are offline. We’ve got good news: you don’t have to be offline for a second and still have your own independent network.

Making the switch

In order to make the switch in the safest way possible, we take you and your server park through certain phases. First we check how your application makes use of your current infrastructure and which of your servers handle which parts of the job. In other words: we make sure we know your application and its functionality.

Parallel hosting and monitoring

The next step is to configure your independent network right next to your current provider’s network: we change nothing on your infrastructure yet. This way your new network is hosted in parallel to your old one. We copy your server setup to the new network and monitor if your application is functioning the way it should. If that is the case, then we gradually remove your old network and you have made the switch without any downtime at all.

Fusix makes the switch from dependence to independence possible without downtime. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.