Everyone wants the best connection to the Internet. There are a lot of ISP’s that can help you with that, but how do you choose? Should you always go for a Tier 1 provider or is a Tier 2 provider better? At Fusix we look at the needs of our customers and help them choose the best option, regardless of the “Tier1” marketing term.

‘Tier 1 providers are the best,’ is what most would say because a Tier 1 provider, like Verizon, Telia, NTT or KPN, can connect to every part of the Internet without having to pay for IP-transit themselves. When building a network that serves primarily global customers, Fusix can connect you to a Tier 1 provider directly, even if your bandwidth requirement is very small.

On the other hand, if your connections are mostly local, you should think about connecting to a Tier 2 provider. A Tier 2 provider uses private interconnections or public Internet exchanges to exchange traffic with other local ISPs. This makes the reach of a Tier 2 network interesting if your customers can be found local to your network.

Fusix has a Tier 2 network and with its own connections at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and the Netherlands Internet Exchange, a solid network is available for you and your customers. However connecting you to our network is not necessarily the best option for your customers, we can easily connect you to a Tier 1 provider if that is better for you, and possibly arrange your own connections to AMS-IX, NL-IX or other exchanges. Together we will look what is the best option for your needs.

Contact us if you want to talk about the best network for your needs.