Will you join the Fusix family?

If you want to work with the coolest customers on the planet (and their networks, of course) then being part of the Fusix Networks team is your next goal in life. From our NOC in Wormerveer, The Netherlands, we run our own 100+ Gbps network, and also the networks of our customers – so you will have many AS numbers under your fingertips. In addition, your work consists of being a consultant to and for our customers, sometimes even representing our customer in their contact with suppliers.

Working at Fusix means that you:
– are an expert in your field;
– are not afraid to pick up the phone and talk to an actual customer (yes, really!);
– know your way around a whiteboard and can draw up a design in a jiffy;
– are vocal and will share your opinion of what the best solution is even if the room is filled with suits-and-ties who seem to ‘know’ otherwise; and
– know how to represent Fusix and our customers and present yourself as the professional in the room.

Our customers are the coolest people around since they have realised that they need a BGP network in order to guarantee their customer’s satisfaction. Work at Fusix and you can work at a few dozen startups (and some grown-ups) at the same time!

At the present moment, our desks are all filled and we have no vacancies (nor plans to buy new desks). Be sure to come back to this page periodically to check for job openings that may fit your profile.

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There are no open vacancies at this moment. Please contact us to send an open application.