The cloud’s pros and cons

The most important benefit of working with the cloud in general is that you can access your data from wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. This brings us to the biggest downside of working with the cloud: you always need to have an Internet connection.

Innovation and progress

However, the future of IT is geared towards working within the cloud and therefore it is essential to continually innovate in this particular sector. To make it safer and more transparent are just two of many goals that the information industry has set as a whole to achieve a better and more stable cloud.

The cloud is physical

Even though the image that ‘the cloud’ brings up in your mind may be that of raindrops suspended in the sky, the cloud is actually made up of data centers. These centers are filled with hard drives, air conditioning and miles of wires to keep your information safe and sound. Of course, these centers are not all the same and there is variation in quality and quantity.

Your own private cloud

The cloud becomes bigger and more important. And therefore it also becomes increasingly important to know where your data is stored, how reliable the storage is and, maybe most importantly, if you and/or your customers are able to access the information that is needed. Therefore it is in many instances a better idea to have your own private cloud, which you have more control over, than to rely on big public cloud providers.